The LUG Wiki

In the spirit of open source, this website is a Wiki. Anyone can edit most pages to update, change, or add content to the site. No longer do we have to wait on a single person to edit textfiles. Our wiki of choice is Dokuwiki.

What can you change?

The homepage and sidebar are the only two pages which are locked from changes by others. Please use the discussion page to request a change or addition. Any other page can be edited by using the controls at the bottom of every page. These are available by default to anyone inside the University network (or by UD proxy). Those outside the University are asked to register and login to change pages. If you have additional privileges granted to you by the webmaster, you must login as well to see the extra options.

How can I test out ideas?

If you would like to play around and test out different features of wiki editing, please do so in the playground. That page is dedicated to changing content, so please feel free to do whatever you like there.

Adding new pages

To create a new page, either edit the address bar of your browser to point to doku.php?id=NEWPAGE. Another way to add a new page is to make an internal link to it in another page. Then, click on the red link you just created and you will be brought to your new page.

What if I want my page linked from the front page or side bar?

You can tell us about your new content on the discussion page and the webmaster will add it.

What syntax options do I have?

Good question! There are a lot of formatting options. You can read about all of them on the syntax page.

Have another question?

Edit this page, and add another question to the bottom of the page. Someone who knows the answer will be sure to answer it for you.