Information about LUG @ UD

LUG is a Registered Student Organization of the University of Delaware, and as such, officers are undergraduate and graduate students of UD. This does not, however, mean we close our doors to those outside the university. In fact, most of our membership are not students, but live in the surrounding community.

Joining LUG

To join LUG, simply come to the meetings or converse with others on the mailing lists. If you would like to become an officer, get involved in projects and show interest in helping the organization. Anyone interested in presenting on any topic is encouraged to email the president (see Additional Information) or ask at a meeting.



The officers for the coming year are voted on at the last meeting of the school year, in May. This year's officers are as follows:

President's responsibilities include keeping officers and members interested in LUG. He or she organizes meetings, and introduces the meeting if someone else is giving a presentation. Most other responsibilities are delegated by the president to his/her officers.

The Vice President of Membership organizes the mailing list, and keeps track of new members. Their main gig is Activities Night, where he/she invites people to join the LUG, and makes sure they come to meetings. They are responsible for sending email correspondence to the group and reserving the rooms for the meeting.

The Treasurer keeps track of purchases, organizes our budget, and makes certain people get reimbursed for their time. He/She also orders paraphernalia for the group after a design is approved by the members.

The Secretary fulfills the requests for assistance by any of the other previous officers. He or she is willing to lend a hand when one is required, and may be responsible to organizing a large event or trip for the group.

The Webmaster keeps the website up to date with the latest meeting information, and adds presentation details such as power points or outlines once the meeting has concluded.

Off campus? Log in, after clicking link to view on-campus directory listing.

Graduate Student Positions

Rodney (Tyler) McGee, System Administration
The System Administrator is an appointed position. While they a primarily responsible for keeping our servers running 24/7, upgrading software, and purchasing new hardware as needed, they are also responsible for training the new cabinet. (man behind the curtain) He/She must be very familiar with Linux and Solaris system administration, and be able to contact NSS to work on the servers at Chapel Street if needed. This position requires more time than most other positions, but as they know by now, it is very rewarding.

Former Officers

  • Brian Gonzalez, President (2012)
  • Nicole Wells, Vice President (2012)
  • Keith Elliott, Treasurer (2011,2012)
  • Robert Deaton, President (2011)
  • Graeme Lawes, Vice President (2011)
  • Josh Marks, President (2010)
  • Yingbo Wang, Secretary (2011)
  • Robert Searles, Webdev (2011)
  • Andrew Chester, Vice President (2010)
  • Karl Bowers, Sergeant At Arms (2010)
  • Michael Natrin, Treasurer (2009,2010)
  • Stephen Janansky, President,Secretary (2007(S),2008(P),2009(P))
  • Garret McGraw, Treasurer,Vice President (2008(T), 2009(VP))
  • Burke Cates, Vice President (2008, 2009)
  • Jason Parrott, President (2006, 2007)
  • Mike Stamat, Treasurer (2006, 2007)
  • Heather Whalen, Webmistress (2006, 2007)
  • Ryan Silberstein, Secretary (2006)

Founding Officers (1998)


  • Robert Ruddy, President
  • Chris Helmkamp, Vice President
  • Dean Fyock, Treasurer
  • Ryan Maple, Secretary
  • John Roberts, Board Member
  • Chris Morrone, Board Member
  • Sam Kalet, Board Member


Meetings are held at the University of Delaware Newark Campus. Dates, times, and locations are announced as early as possible. However, sometimes we have trouble reserving rooms and are forced to give quick notice. Make certain you are subscribed to the lug-members mailing list to recieve information about upcoming meetings.

Additional Information

If you have questions about the LUG organization, projects, meeting times, etc., please email any of the officers. We will be happy to converse with anyone interested in Linux, or coming to our meetings.
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