www.lug Server Usage Policy

ECE/CIS provides LUG:

One user shall have root access. If that user is ECE/CIS lab staff, users will be authenticated using NIS through devil-rays. If not, users will be authenticated locally, and NIS will be disabled. A reasonable amount of extra hard drive space will be formatted with a ZFS file system, backed up, and partitions modified by root user.

LUG provides LUG members:

We will host a website www.lug.udel.edu which will provide current information to members of the community. Anonymous users with UD IP addresses will have the ability to edit content through a wiki, and the current administrator will be responsible for limiting access. Also, we may allow users to have Linux related websites hosted from the server.

We will provide logins through ECE/CIS ACAD accounts. Those users have the ability to request home directories with limited quotas. Those users understand that content in their home directories will be backed up nightly, and will be deleted when their accounts expire after they graduate.

We will provide email accounts for those who request them. We provide assorted mailing lists for LUG members, officers, and Linux enthusiasts.

Users of the LUG server shall abide by the ECE/CIS account agreement. Under no circumstances shall business not related to the Linux User Group be conducted on the server. This includes but is not limited to personal and commercial communications.

Members provide LUG:

Members who give a presentation shall provide a short summary of their presentation on the wiki, as well as a more detailed article.